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On Thursday, March 18, 2021, the House passed legislation that would provide a 10-year path to citizenship for those people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  Undocumented immigrants would now have a pathway to citizenship after being brought to the United States when...

Biden’s Immigration Reform Policy

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One central platform that newly elected President Joe Biden campaigned on is in the area of immigration reform. The last four years under President Trump have been especially difficult for immigrants, and President Biden has already started the enormous task of reversing many immigration policies...


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EXTREME HARDSHIP for IMMIGRATION Do you know someone living in the United States without legal authorization? A person’s unlawful presence maybe excused by showing that one’s deportation would cause extreme hardship to their United States citizen or legal resident parents, spouse, and in some cases to children. Extreme hardship can be proved by showing: Medical Financial Educational and Social Integration Hardship Showing Extreme Hardship is often challenging and requires creative thinking to identify unusual individualized hardship to relatives.


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¿Conoces a alguien que viva en los Estados Unidos sin autorización legal? La presencia ilegal de una persona puede justificarse demostrando que la deportación de uno causaría dificultades extremas a sus padres, cónyuge y en algunos casos a los hijos ciudadanos o residentes legales de los Estados Unidos. Las dificultades extremas se pueden demostrar mostrando: Médico Financiero Educación e Integración Social Dificultades Mostrar dificultades extremas a menudo es un desafío y requiere un pensamiento creativo para identificar dificultades inusuales e individualizadas a los familiares

Major Victory in Immigration Court today!

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Detainees with reinstated orders of removal who are subject to prolonged detention may now ask the Immigration Judge in New Jersey for a bond hearing after 6 months of detention to request a reasonable bond if his or her release is "not imminent."

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