Posted by Nita Kundanmal | Sep 19, 2019

Huge win for my client. So rewarding for me. ‬

Here are some details about how this was possible.

The result was extra special because the Immigration Judge told me that the evidence I submitted to prove my client's case was "the best documented case he has seen".

This judge has been an immigration judge since 2011. So wow!! I am so proud. This was such a high compliment, and reminded me how much effort I make; since I always, always, always, do my best, no matter what.

The second unusual thing was that the hearing was over in less than 45 minutes. Wow!!
This was a record. A well prepared Asylum case takes 30-50 hours to compile and a minimum of 2-3 hours presenting testimony in court.

I realized that the judge had already decided to grant asylum to my client based on the written legal arguments and evidence I had submitted months ago. All he needed was to see my client in person, hear her share her firsthand account of her fears of returning, and he found her immediately credible.

My preparation includes spending many hours talking to my clients to truly understand their fear of returning to their country and helping them write their statement.

Then I research the law and write the legal memorandum presenting arguments about why my client's case should be granted.

I include other evidence, if available, and articles about country conditions, and an expert's opinion report to support the arguments.

I have seen this happen many times, that my well prepared cases win again and again. Yes, I am boasting. Because I have high standards for my client's case and because I've got determination, persistence and diligence in my blood. Try me.

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